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Things to Do on Valentine’s Day: 25 Fun Activities for Couples


Chocolates and roses make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, but what about the gift of quality time spent together? To help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date this year, here is a list of 25 romantic things to do. You may also utilize this list as a source of inspiration to compose a heartfelt message to your significant other.

This list of activities is likely to inspire couples of all ages; both old and young, and in all stages of relationships. It doesn’t matter what your personality types are or what you consider to be entertaining. The items on this list will certainly make for a romantic date night, whether you want to go out or find a special way to stay in. These are our top 25 suggestions for Valentine’s Day activities. Let’s make February 14th a joyous occasion!

Recreate an unforgettable date.

couples activities on valentine's day

A great approach to appreciate the present and recall the past is to organize a recreated version of your first date or a favorite date you’ve had together. Change it up by putting a bit more imagination into an at-home version.

Get tickets to a fun-filled evening

Examine the local events calendar to find upcoming plays, concerts, and other events, then get tickets in advance. You two could simply just go to the movies together. Regardless of your decision, make sure to get dressed up and snap a group photo at some point during the evening.

Make a progressive dinner

When you can make your way to another restaurant for cocktails, appetizers, a main dish, and dessert, why dine at just one? To avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds, organize a takeaway order round for yourself and your partner to enjoy at home.

Work on a puzzle as a group

Make time on your calendar to do nothing more than piece together a puzzle as a way to connect with your partner. You may even purchase a new one that features a location you have visited together or anything else you both like doing.

Plan a staycation

You may have a getaway without traveling far from home. Make reservations for a night at a neighboring hotel or resort, and leave your children with a relative or nanny. After arriving, spend the evening apart from your daily schedule and to-do lists. Get takeout, watch a movie, cuddle up with a book, or engage in any activity that you both feel is “quality time.”

Take in the dawn or sunset together

Together, spend some time admiring the sun’s natural artwork in the sky. You might pour a glass and grab some cheese and crackers and watch the sunset, or you can get up early and have a breakfast treat or cup of coffee together.

Visit an ice rink

You may choose between roller skates and ice skates for an exciting and romantic evening out. Remember to support one another when it takes some time to get back into the swing of skating and just have fun together while you spin around the rink.

Dance in your house

couple dancing activities on valentine's day

Dancing is enjoyable at weddings and gatherings, but a decent dance floor only needs two people, and it’s much more romantic when there aren’t many people around. Choose a slow dance, or practice your line dancing or swinging techniques.

Relive the day of your marriage

If you are married, go through your wedding photo album or watch your wedding film together to relive the most special moments of the day you said: “I do.”

Have a sincere discussion

Take some time to discuss why you fell in love with your spouse and what you value about them today. Too often, the rush of daily life leaves little time for such conversations. You may also create index cards with questions on them to start a discourse.

Arrange a picnic indoors

Even if it’s really cold outside, you may change up your dinnertime routine and have a picnic without going outside. After making some space in your living room and spreading a blanket, enjoy cheese and crackers, salads, sandwiches, and cookies with your companion.

Visit an arcade

It’s crucial to have fun occasionally, so indulge your inner kid by visiting an arcade. Play a game of racing or shooting with your companion in a friendly competition, and while you’re doing it, have some food and beverages.

Ride your bike

Go outside for a romantic bike ride if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm in February. For individuals who are just starting to date and are still getting to know one other, it’s a terrific low-pressure option.

Arrange a coffee date

couple on coffee date on valentine day

Who says Wednesday is not the most romantic day of the week to celebrate Valentine’s Day ?. You might need to fit in a few romantic pauses during the day in between getting the kids where they need to go and work. Have a special coffee date for two to start the day strong. Choose to meet in a coffee shop, pick up Starbucks, or spend a little while together in your kitchen.

Arrange a photo session

When was the last time the two of you had your photo taken? Many couples find that it only occurs on their honeymoons or even weddings. Get a photographer, or, for a less expensive alternative, ask a friend or your children to shoot a few informal pictures. Otherwise, a selfie stick will work! Then, and this is the most crucial step, print them out and put them on display in your house. Maybe you can even make this a new custom on Valentine’s Day.

Go on a hike

Go on a walk this Valentine’s Day as a wonderful way to de-stress and unwind, even if it’s chilly where you live. Perhaps you have a favorite place in your neighborhood, or you might want to take on one of the top US climbs. In either case, you’re in excellent company and will undoubtedly have a good time.

Give and receive thoughtful presents

No, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about giving and receiving gifts, but it is still great to send and receive a small symbol of affection. Think about giving your loved one a homemade Valentine’s Day card or even better, buying them something they’ve always desired.

Take a tour of your hometown

Do you have a particular local landmark that you’ve always wanted to see? or perhaps an unfamiliar museum? Turn your house into a tourist destination and eventually cross off a few items on your never-ending bucket list. Take a ton of photos during the day to immerse yourself in the role.

Take a drive

Not a destination? Not an issue. For this enjoyable Valentine’s Day activity, all you’ll need is a full tank of petrol and an adventurous spirit! Together, you’ll venture beyond your comfort zones and discover uncharted territory. You never know what you could come upon.

Create a scrapbook

This is an enjoyable pastime that will even interest couples who aren’t big crafters. Collect sentimental receipts, old ticket stubs, and relationship images to create a lovely book that you will both love!

Together, create something

Try your hand at these homemade crafts for Valentine’s Day at home. Try creating a clever picture frame for your most cherished images or think of an art piece you can place elsewhere in the house.

Watch a ton of romantic films at once

Snuggle up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn and enjoy an evening full of your best romantic comedies, such as these beloved Valentine’s Day films.

Together, do some yoga

Stretch and breathe in unison while spending some quality time in Zen.

Have a bath

Set a dish of chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of Champagne within arm’s reach, surround the tub with candles, and add rose petals to the water for a bubble bath fit for a honeymoon suite.

Draw or paint each other’s portraits

Don’t worry if you’re not good at drawing; relationships should also include playtime. You don’t need to be artistic to depict your partner’s qualities. You can talk about each other’s best qualities and add accessories for their hobbies and other interests.

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