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12 Dating Software to Build your Dating App in 2024


So, you’ve got this grand idea to build a dating app, and now you’re on the hunt for the perfect dating software.

It’s a bit like choosing a life partner, isn’t it?


Okay, maybe not as dramatic.

But it sure comes with its own set of complexities.

Picture this: a plethora of options at your fingertips, each claiming to be the best matchmaker for your dating website or app.

It’s a daunting task, I get it.

Which is why I have narrowed this list to 12 dating softwares to consider for your next dating app project.

What is a Dating Software?

Did you just come with a brilliant idea to clone Tinder? Or maybe do one better, create something like Zlaybae App?

Zlaybae Dating App

Yes, you will need a dating software for that.

The alternative, of course, is to hire a web developer to craft your online dating website and/or mobile dating apps. This path demands both time and a generous budget to see it through.

Dating softwares are designed to help people find and connect with potential romantic partners. Whether you’re accessing it through a web browser or a snazzy mobile app, it’s your virtual wingman in the world of online dating.

Essentially, a dating software is like the Cupid of the internet for people looking to enter the dating app industry.

What to Look out for in a Dating Software

But what makes a good dating software, you ask?

Well, it’s not just about swiping left or right. Tinder comes to mind.

Tinder dating app

We’re talking about features like profile creation, messaging, and matching algorithms – the secret sauce that helps people find their digital soulmates. Some even throw in virtual gifts and video chats to spice things up, because why not?

You’re not just looking for any dating software; you want something developer-friendly and flexible enough to accommodate your unique touch. It’s a delicate balance because, let’s face it, the more specific your requirements, the narrower the field becomes.

Top 12 Dating Softwares for your Dating Site or App

If you ask on another day the best dating software, I will answer Skadate and close the topic. But hey, let’s not put all our digital eggs in one basket. I’ve got a lineup of contenders for you to consider.

How we Ranked our List of Dating Softwares

Choosing the right dating software is like finding the perfect dance partner – you need to consider a few key moves.

  • Cost: Budget matters, but remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Features: What’s your dating site’s signature move? Profile creation? Messaging? Virtual events? Choose wisely.
  • Flexibility: You want to be able to bend your dating software to your will, or at least, easily find a developer who can.
  • Ease of Use: Nobody wants a clunky dance partner. Look for a dating software that’s smooth on its feet.
  • Security: Because love should be secure, not sketchy.
  • Customer Support: A good dance instructor – I mean, software – should be there to guide you.

SkaDate Dating Software

Call me a fan boy, but Skadate still retain the top spot of any dating software review I am making.

Picture this: a dating script and apps that make starting your dating business a breeze.

Skadate Dating Software

It’s not just a dating site; it’s a complete package that comes with all the services you need to launch and run your love haven.

Oxwall Plugin store

With a strong community backing from Oxwall, Skadate has a lot of plugins and themes to choose from.

As a testament to my loyalty, I’ve personally contributed a number of Skadate-compatible plugins on the Oxwall store.

And guess what?

You get a dating website and a branded PWA solution all wrapped up in one fantastic discounted package.

Talk about a love affair with savings!

Chameleon Dating Software

If longevity is a key consideration, Chameleon software would undoubtedly secure a top spot on my list. It stands as one of the oldest dating software options, boasting a legacy that predates even Skadate.

Chameleon Dating Software

Chameleon is your go-to script for crafting vibrant social networks and dynamic dating sites. With Chameleon, creating a website with user registration becomes a breeze, taking just minutes of your time. Want to refresh your site’s look and sections swiftly?

Simply upload a new template to the designated folder, and voilà, your dating website transforms instantly.

PG Dating Pro

Launch your professional dating site and mobile apps effortlessly with PG Dating Pro in just 1 day! Experience the convenience of open code and a fully prepared package featuring ready member profiles – because who has time to wait around?

PG Dating Pro Software

Whether it’s general dating, speed dating, matrimonial bliss, matchmaking wonders, social networking, adulting, or catering to specific communities like Asian singles, Black singles, White singles, and more – PG Dating Pro has your back.

Explore three distinctive dating app templates – the Badoo-like, Tinder-like, or Dating Pro app, each offering a unique design to suit your style.

WordPress CMS

It’s strange, even for me to have WordPress high up this list in fourth position.

Yet, WordPress, originally conceived as a content management system (CMS), has undergone a remarkable evolution beyond its initial scope.

It can now be used to create anything, including a full-fledged dating website.

SweetDate WordPress Dating Site

Thanks to a plethora of third-party themes and plugins like LoveStory, Sweet Date, and BuddyPress, WordPress steps into the realm of online dating with surprising versatility.

However, it’s crucial to note that WordPress doesn’t emerge from the development oven pre-equipped with all the features needed for a dating site. This means a bit of exploration into plugins and support is in order before fully embracing WordPress for your matchmaking aspirations.


pH7CMS is an open-source php script that allows you to build a social dating website. It includes features such as a user-friendly interface, customizable profiles, and messaging tools.


Advandate dating software

AdvanDate is a dating software that includes features such as a customizable member database, a payment gateway, and a user-friendly interface.


DatingScript is a dating software platform specially designed for creating dating sites. It offers a number of ready-to-use features and is easy to use, so you can quickly set up a dating site.

Over to you!

Choosing the right dating software is a bit like picking the right flavor of ice cream – it depends on your taste.

Research, compare, and find the one that makes your dating site dreams come true.

Happy matchmaking! 🚀💘

Ebenezer Obasi
Ebenezer Obasi
Proven web developer, B.Sc. (IT) graduate, terrible entrepreneur, Oxwall fanatic and a man of a few other incongruous talents, he has been a pro developer since 2012, and plans to do so until a few days before his ultimate fate: cryogenic preservation. If resurrected, he is likely to go back to programming

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