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The Best Relationship Podcasts 2024: Sex/Dating/Marriage


Every journey of love comes with its share of twists and turns. You might be at the starting point of a new relationship or with your partner for decades, it doesn’t matter. Anyone could use some guidance or fresh perspectives. Tuning into relationship podcasts can sometimes feel like having a trusted friend by your side, offering wisdom, humor, and solidarity.

Just like gardens, relationships require constant nurturing to bloom beautifully. Each episode becomes a shared experience, sparking conversations, laughter, and maybe even a few tears as you navigate the ups and downs of your relationship journey together.

From the best relationship podcasts for young adults to relationship podcasts for guys and ladies, and podcasts about marriage, there’s something for everyone.

Do I need Relationship Advice from Podcasts?

Listening to coaching and counseling on business podcasts might be transforming for businesses and organizations, but that’s not only why you need podcasts. Most Podcasts cover topics related to relationships, including communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, love languages, emotional intelligence, attachment styles, and relationship dynamics. Listening to these podcasts educates couples on healthy relationship habits.

Couples get to listen to experts in psychology, therapy, and relationship counseling share their valuable insights and advice. These experts offer guidance on ways to handle relationship issues, helping to understand and improve our connections.

Then some podcasts invite to guests share real-life stories. Exposure to these different opinions helps to broaden people’s understanding of relationships and encourages them to consider alternative approaches to common problems in relationships.

Research has revealed that listening to these stories can be comforting, give validation, and inspire couples to become better, especially when they can relate to similar situations. Most couples say it’s like having a supportive family friend sharing their experiences with them.

For couples, listening to relationship podcasts together can be a great way to start meaningful conversations they avoid. Podcasts about relationships prompt couples to reflect on their behaviors, attitudes, and challenges within their relationships. It provides a window for self-reflection which is important for personal growth and can lead to positive changes in how relationships are treated. For instance, if you’re looking to practice self-love after toxic relationships, relationship podcasts will be like having a mirror that helps you see yourself more clearly and become a better partner.

The Best Relationship Podcasts for Couples

Here are some of the best relationship podcasts out there to guide you through the rocky and smooth terrains of love.

Coupledom with Idris and Sabrina Elba

Join popular Hollywood actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba as they engage in intimate conversations with extraordinary couples. From enduring legal battles for marriage equality to building successful businesses together, these stories inspire listeners to seek relationships grounded in mutual respect and tireless support.

Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast by Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama invites listeners into intimate conversations with friends and celebrities, exploring themes of resilience, identity, and meaningful connection. Through laughter, insight, and compassion, this podcast inspires the transformative power of love and community.

Where Should We Begin?: The Arc of Love by Esther Perel

In this relationship podcast, renowned therapist Esther Perel invites listeners into the intimate counseling sessions of real couples facing extraordinary challenges. From couples on the brink of divorce to those facing the consequences of infidelity, Perel’s relationship coaching illuminates the complexities of human connection, reminding couples that love’s journey is as complicated as the people who embark on it.

The Endless Honeymoon Podcast with Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher

Married comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher infuse their irreverent humor into candid conversations about the quirks and quandaries of married life. With special guests adding to the whole comic vibe, this podcast celebrates the silly and sweet parts found in the everyday moments of relationships.

Relationships 101 With John Evans

This is a treasure trove of relationship insights with host John Evans as he explores topics ranging from polyamory to interracial relationships. This hour-long podcast is perfect for those keen to delve deep into the nuances of love in this generation.

It’s Never Too Late | Dating Advice for Women & Dating Tips for Women Over 50+ by Suzanne Oshima

For women over 50 giving dating a try once again, Suzanne Oshima offers bite-sized episodes filled with practical advice and empowering encouragement. She teaches you how to craft the perfect online dating profile and guides you on intimacy; the end goal is to inspire confidence and resilience.

A Fight Worth Fighting: A Marriage and Family Podcast by Amanda Borrego

When the storms of life threaten to shake the foundation of your relationship, you can find solace in the stories of couples who have weathered similar trials. And relationship podcast host Amanda Borrego shares the journeys of these pairs, reminding us that love is worth fighting for, even in the face of adversity.

The Self-Love Effect by Desiree Toppings

Host Desiree Toppings invites listeners on an expedition of self-discovery and acceptance, She believes that nurturing a foundation of self-love is essential for nurturing healthy relationships with others. Through candid conversations and empowering insights, Toppings encourages listeners to embrace their authenticity and show up in their relationships without apology.

How Not To F*ck Up Your Marriage Too Bad by Stephen Marche

Acknowledging that mistakes are inevitable in any marriage, Stephen Marche offers pragmatic advice on how to go about relationship challenges with grace and strength. She also gives insights on choosing the right spouse and how to manage finances. It also provides essential tools for building a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Sex With Emily by Dr. Emily Morse

Dr. Emily Morse tackles topics varying from sexual fantasies to the dynamics of situationships and marriage. With over 1,000 episodes to explore, this podcast offers a comprehensive guide to building a more passionate and fulfilling connection with your partner.

Committed by Jo Piazza

Award-winning journalist Jo Piazza shares the inspiring stories of couples who have triumphed over adversity in their relationships, offering both practical advice and genuine advice for weathering life’s storms together. With each episode, listeners are reminded of the strength found in love.

Love is both a journey and a destination; these amazing podcasts serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path with wisdom, humor, and compassion. So, grab your partner’s hand, tune in to any of the podcasts above, and get started on your journey of love, growth, and connection. After all, the greatest adventure of all is the one you share with the person you love most.

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